Neemia Tialata

….looking fine.


And an added bonus, one of Ma’a Nonu’s funny video diaries of traveling around with the All Blacks, which features then both looking lovely.   Actually, I love everything about this video, for reals.

**Neemia Tialata **Vital Stats are H: 6’2″, W: 270, DOB: 7/15/82**

**Ma’a Nonu **Vital Stats are H: 6’0″, W: 225, DOB: 5/21/82**

Ma’a Nonu Interlude

Amidst the fun and flurry of posts on these soccer guys, here are a few more pictures I’ve collected on super-sexy Wellington Hurricane and All Black Ma’a Nonu.   I think I’m physically unable to NOT blog about a Polynesian rugby player for more than a few days; they are an addictive drug! Especially Nonu.

I can’t even comment appropriately in a PG-rated setting on this picture.  Suffice it to say, the photo file for this is called ‘maatightshirt.jpg’.And this one above, I called ‘maalookinamazing.jpg’

…Very, ahem, nice ass, gasp, cough

I can’t comment on this one either.  He is unbearably sexy.   And the guy with his face in his hand is classic.

**Ma’a Nonu Vital Stats are H: 6’0″, W: 225, DOB: 5/21/82**

One Rugby Team, Multiple Hot Guys: Wellington Hurricanes

What a delightful variety of men on one team. I can only fit so many into one post!

We start with the Hurricanes‘ prop (apparently one of the more difficult rugby positions) Neemia Tialata, who I find sooooooo alluring and fine. He’s the first well-known New Zealander to use Twitter to connect with fans and friends alike, in the tradition of our own Chad OchoCinco. He writes endearing updates, posts his own scenic snapshots of New Zealand, pictures of his dogs and cat, and takes pre-game questions from fans via his UStream videos. His voice and NZ accent are amazing, but that’s for the next post….sigh. Tialata is also known as a talented guitarist and visual artist, having designed his own Polynesian (Samoan) tattoo on his very solid left arm. You know I love those tattoos. **Vital Stats are H: 6’2″, W: 270, DOB: 7/15/82**

Fullback/Wing Cory Jane is another super-cute discovery on Twitter. A fellow lover of McDonalds, he posts pics of his adorable family, conducts interviews with teammates like THIS, and has an genuine back-and-forth rapport with his Twitter fans. Below was a recent profile pic: (that’s like the happiest kid I’ve ever seen) **Vital Stats are H: 6’0″, W: 180, DOB: 2/8/83**

Then we have the adorable Piri Weepu, who plays scrum-half. His heritage both Maori and also from a tiny, lesser-known, beautiful South Pacific island called Niue, which I think is so cool. Weepu has remarkably nice hair and eyes, a great disposition, and you just want to, like, hang out with him all day. And get a beer. **Vital Stats are H: 5’10”, W: 210, DOB: 9/7/83**

Fourth, playing utility back for the Canes, we have the beautiful Maori Tamati Ellison. I read somewhere that he was a child actor, but I can’t find any real confirmation of it on the Interwebs. He certainly has that look, though, and I wouldn’t be surprised.   Simply Gorgeous. **Vital Stats are H: 6’1″, W: 205, DOB: 4/1/83**

Lastly, playing a confusing-sounding position called ‘Second Five Eight’, we have Samoan New Zealander Ma’a Nonu. I am one of the many, many chicks who finds The Nonu ridiculously hot. He seems to have the personality to match, and does these spirited and hilarious travel diary videos during the Super 14 off-season, with the All Blacks. You can be certain I’ll post them in the near future. Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! **Vital Stats are H: 6’0″, W: 225, DOB: 5/21/82**

See Blogroll to the right side for links to all sorts of fun stuff related to this post. More hot Hurricanes will be posted in the future, too….there must be something in the tap water in Wellington, NZ that makes its men so nice to look at.