Rene Ranger, Part II

More of hot-ass Rene Ranger….can’t have too much of a good thing.

Sooooo fine! Want!

And damn, he even looks good with the characteristic rugby crazy facial hair…he has the occasional Keanu Reeves circa 1991 moment.

Lastly,  the well-respected news photo source Photosport NZ had an amazing collection of pictures of the All Blacks doing some sort of swimming/training last week, and…clearly they know that psychos like me would copy and paste such pics for their blog, screensaver and desktop, so they’re all super-copyrighted.  I guess I applaud their forethought.  But PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CLICK ON THIS LINK TO RENE LOOKING RIDICULOUSLY  HOT, WET AND TATTOOED.    I’ll leave it at that for tonight and get back to my bottle of cold Chardonnay.

**Rene Ranger Vital Stats: H: 6’1″  W: 215  DOB: 9/30/86**

Beautiful Auckland Blues

In our last Super 14 post, we examined some of the fine Wellington Hurricanes, and not surprisingly, I found another team with multiple hot guys: the Blues.  Here are three of them.

When you hear the expression ‘fresh-faced’, this is what it means:

Scrum-half Alby Mathewson is so bright and adorable, with really nice features.  Maybe that’s because he was a Hurricane for a few years before moving to the Blues, and we all know that every ‘Cane is camera-ready.  Waiting on some more info and interviews on this cutie, but in the meantime follow him at **Vital Stats are H: 5’8″, W: 195, DOB: 12/13/85**

Moving along, we have Fijian-born New Zealander Josevata Rokocoko, known for a remarkable athleticism and speed at left and right wing.  He sorta reminds me of a beautiful, regal statue (left):

And seen in a really hilarious All Blacks Coke Zero ad:

**Joe Rokocoko Vital Stats: H: 6’3″  W: 220  DOB: 6/3/83**

And lastly (I debated doing an entirely separate post for this one) we have Blues Center Rene Ranger.   Cute, right?

But don’t be fooled, he’s also so sexy it’s wrong, as seen below.  This picture single-handedly earns this post an ‘Absurdly Hot Guys‘ category slot.

Yup!  And then we have an interview:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!  FIRE! Why, specifically, is this guy so ATTRACTIVE to me?  DAMN! Is it the tattoo right at the edge of his buttoned shirt?  The occasional vacant stares?  That he says his favorite pastime is “…sitting on the couch”? The tousled hair? The name ‘Rene’? I like it all.  I can’t turn up a ton of info on this piece of prime filet either, but according to the chorus of YouTube comments, his nationality is either Maori, Cook Islander (Rarotonga) or a combination of both.  Hotness!!

I will leave you, dear readers, with a tackle of his that drew a collective gasp-sound from the entire stadium.

**Rene Ranger Vital Stats: H: 6’1″  W: 215  DOB: 9/30/86**

UPDATE: (6/1/10) Yes, according to an interview I found, his background is both Maori and Cook Islander.  Hot!  Read it here.

One Rugby Team, Multiple Hot Guys: Wellington Hurricanes

What a delightful variety of men on one team. I can only fit so many into one post!

We start with the Hurricanes‘ prop (apparently one of the more difficult rugby positions) Neemia Tialata, who I find sooooooo alluring and fine. He’s the first well-known New Zealander to use Twitter to connect with fans and friends alike, in the tradition of our own Chad OchoCinco. He writes endearing updates, posts his own scenic snapshots of New Zealand, pictures of his dogs and cat, and takes pre-game questions from fans via his UStream videos. His voice and NZ accent are amazing, but that’s for the next post….sigh. Tialata is also known as a talented guitarist and visual artist, having designed his own Polynesian (Samoan) tattoo on his very solid left arm. You know I love those tattoos. **Vital Stats are H: 6’2″, W: 270, DOB: 7/15/82**

Fullback/Wing Cory Jane is another super-cute discovery on Twitter. A fellow lover of McDonalds, he posts pics of his adorable family, conducts interviews with teammates like THIS, and has an genuine back-and-forth rapport with his Twitter fans. Below was a recent profile pic: (that’s like the happiest kid I’ve ever seen) **Vital Stats are H: 6’0″, W: 180, DOB: 2/8/83**

Then we have the adorable Piri Weepu, who plays scrum-half. His heritage both Maori and also from a tiny, lesser-known, beautiful South Pacific island called Niue, which I think is so cool. Weepu has remarkably nice hair and eyes, a great disposition, and you just want to, like, hang out with him all day. And get a beer. **Vital Stats are H: 5’10”, W: 210, DOB: 9/7/83**

Fourth, playing utility back for the Canes, we have the beautiful Maori Tamati Ellison. I read somewhere that he was a child actor, but I can’t find any real confirmation of it on the Interwebs. He certainly has that look, though, and I wouldn’t be surprised.   Simply Gorgeous. **Vital Stats are H: 6’1″, W: 205, DOB: 4/1/83**

Lastly, playing a confusing-sounding position called ‘Second Five Eight’, we have Samoan New Zealander Ma’a Nonu. I am one of the many, many chicks who finds The Nonu ridiculously hot. He seems to have the personality to match, and does these spirited and hilarious travel diary videos during the Super 14 off-season, with the All Blacks. You can be certain I’ll post them in the near future. Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! **Vital Stats are H: 6’0″, W: 225, DOB: 5/21/82**

See Blogroll to the right side for links to all sorts of fun stuff related to this post. More hot Hurricanes will be posted in the future, too….there must be something in the tap water in Wellington, NZ that makes its men so nice to look at.

Shannon Paku, Part II

Damn, people love to search for this guy.   My handy and highly entertaining blog statistics reveal that people find this tiny, silly blog whilst Googling terms like “Shannon Paku 2010” or, “Shannon Paku is hot.”   Like, almost every day!

So here we go, a second dose of the Kiwi tan, smile, sparkling hazel eyes, cute be-sandaled foot, and unintentionally spiky hair.

And this, I found among a New Zealand blog forum succinctly called “A famous person you met who was a jerk“.   It’s full of accounts of nice behavior too.  Someone met Shannon in a bar and said:

“Have met Carlos Spencer and Shannon Paku out on the drink in town one night, they both were really nice.
Had a mean (great) chat with Shannon and he seemed pretty down to earth and chatty.”

Until next time, Paku Google searchers!

Shannon Paku

It is disturbingly easy to stumble upon guys from New Zealand who look this good:Thank you, Montauban Tarn et Garonne XZ, for taking such gorgeous outdoor photos of your team’s players.    This is Shannon Paku, New Zealand-born Rugby creature who just recently went the expatriate route, to play in France.   Who hasn’t dreamed about tying up all loose ends and f—ing off to another country?  I applaud his change of scenery.  I can’t dig up any wealth of drama or information on Shannon, but he seems like a normal guy.

I did come across one article, with a photo that cracked me up a little.  Why?  Well, let’s just say Stuff Magazine here in the US isn’t as secure in its masculinity as they must be over in New Zealand.   Guy readers here would FREAK OUT seeing this

accompanying an article about a professional athlete, who’s talking about how fantastic it is to have a baby!  I, meanwhile, am not complaining AT ALL.  Read the Stuff NZ article here.   I *like* the tattoo, needless to say.  Are you Maori, or part Maori, radiant Shannon Paku?  Sigh!

Shannon Paku Vital Stats:

H: 5’10” (I can excuse the fact that he’s nearly the same height as me; look at him)

W: 198lbs

DOB: 9/23/80